The modern world is driven by data and analytics – leadership and ethics should be no different.

The Center for Leadership and Ethics (CLE) focuses on stimulating original research, developing unconventional and powerful educational programs, and facilitating connections among students, alumni, the business community, faculty, and staff.

We have begun over twenty-five distinct programs across research, teaching, and business community integration. Activities include curricular redesign, co-curricular program development, business partnerships, and sponsored research.

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Our Fundamental Foundations

  • Analytics


    The CLE advances original research and provides practicable insights to real world problems. We do this through our partnerships with organizations outside McCombs.

    Additionally, the CLE uses analytics as the foundation of leadership development experiences for McCombs students. From access to cutting-edge research to uncovering insights from our bank of leadership assessments to using the latest communication analytics systems to coach Executive MBAs, the CLE is cementing its position at the forefront of leadership education and scholarship.

    How we Use Analytics:
    • Research partnerships with organizations
    • People Analytics MBA Course
    • Assessments and feedback for BBA and MBA Students
  • Ethics


    Leadership and integrity go hand in hand. By integrating programs focusing on how the legal, ethical and societal implications of everyday decisions influence an organization’s strategy, McCombs is building a core language of ethics by providing opportunities for students to practice managing ethical dilemmas in and outside the classroom.

    CLE believes providing a dialogue around ethics enables well-intentioned people to act ethically in accordance with their values and leadership style. It is our mission to help well-intentioned people make ethical decisions in light of growing complexity. See our Ethics Unwrapped series.

    How we Incorporate ethics:
    • 100+ Ethics Unwrapped videos
    • 3 hours Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility course work for MBAs
    • CLE Event and Speaker Series

Our Work


Research is our core activity, providing the scaffolding upon which our teaching and corporate partnerships are built. We partner with organizations to improve organization effectiveness using data-driven research as our foundation. Click below to learn more and review our project portfolio.


We’re leading the development of cutting-edge leadership curriculum including a new MBA class on People Analytics. Through expanded and integrated co-curricular programs such as the CLE Fellows and Ethics Unwrapped, the CLE provides students with opportunities for immediate application and practice.


From connecting BBA and MBA students to consulting projects with over 50 non-profits to engaging with organizations such as Samsung and Google, the CLE is bridging the gap between leadership theory and application.

Ethan R. Burris

CLE Faculty Director & Associate Professor of Management

Stacey Rudnick

CLE Director
Our team extends well beyond the CLE faculty and staff across all of McCombs. We are honored to have award winning teachers and researchers forwarding the mission everyday.